Abnormality in Suspected Diseases Clinical Signs
Egg Production a. AE,EDS

b. EDS,ND,IB,Leuco.

a. Reduction of egg production without any
other signs.
b. Production of abnormal eggs.

External Appearance

a. ND,IBD,Asper.,Cocci.,Salm.,PD,Coli.,
Clostridia,Leuco., Histo.
b. AL,MD,Ascites.
c. AE,MD,ND,Asper.,Botulism,Salm.,Coli,
Avitaminosis (B1).
d. AE,MD,ND,Perosis.

a. Dull and sleepy.
b. Abdominal inflation.
c. Poor carriage.
d. Disturbance of leg function

Skin a. FP.
b. Staph.
c. MD.

a. Papule
b. Edema
c. Tumors

Comb and Wattle a. ND,Asper.,Gout.
b. IBH,Cocci.,Histo.,Leuco.
c. FP.
d. AL.
a. Cyanosis
b. Discoloration
c. Black papule
d. Involution
Eye a. AE.Salm.,Coli.
b. FP.
a. Enlargement of eyeball and opacity of lens
b. Pocks in eyelid.
c. Swelling of eyelid.
Respiratory Tract a. IC, CRD, Avitaminosis (A).
c. ND,IB,ILT,IC,CRD,Asper.
a. Lacrimation.
b. Nasal discharge and swelling of face
c. Rales.
d. Gasping
Faeces a. Cocci.,Haemorrhagic Enteritis.
b. ND,AL,MD,IB,Salm.,IC,IBD,Leuco.,
Avian malaria, Asper.
c. FC.
a. Blood.
b. Green faeces.
c. Mucoid diarrhea.
Others a. Heatstroke.

a. Sudden death.