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NIP Capable Of Testing For Influenza A(H1N1)
Mexico scrubs itself clean to combat flu outbreak
Flu spreads in U.S., world, winds down in Mexico
Mexico scrubs itself clean to combat flu outbreak
Worldwide H1N1 flu tally tops 2,000 - WHO
Mexico gets back to normal, China eases quarantine
WHO: Swine flu cases worldwide top 2,000
Three in isolation cleared of A (h1N1) virus
Singapore tightens flu control
Asean health ministers to discuss outbreak
Veterinary dept to test two pig vaccines
Better to be proactive in tackling influenza: Dr Chan
Swine Flu: Three suspected cases in isolation ward cleared
Mexico gets back to normal, flu advances in Europe
No Cases Of H1N1 In Asean Countries So Far
Sweden 23rd Country To Report Influenza A Case
M'sia Wants Asean To Institute Influenza Surveillance Mechanism
WHO puts flu tally at 1,893 cases in 23 countries
China lifts quarantine on Mexican flight passengers
Asia largely spared from swine flu outbreak
Three more cleared of H1N1
Labuan sets up flu ops room
Operations room set up to oversee flu
9,801 screened at all entry points
Mexico gets back to normal, flu advances in Europe
WHO to weigh flu vaccine switch next week
Second strain of flu may complicate picture - study
Dr Ismail: Still no case of H1N1
Batam Seaports Use Manual Thermometers..
Guatemala The Latest Infected With Influenza A (H1N1)
1,490 Influenza A(H1N1) Cases Reported Worldwide
Flu virus kills Texan; European cases rises
Swine Flu: No confirmed cases in Malaysia
Vet dept identifying other flu viruses
New flu kills 2nd person in US, spreads globally
Man treated at Sarawak GH not suffering from Influenza A
Flu-hit Mexico plans recovery, pork trade row erupts
1,490 Influenza A(H1N1) Cases Reported Worldwide
Man Treated At Sarawak GH Not Suffering H1N1
U.S. reports second swine flu death, in Texas
All four patients cleared of Influenza A (H1N1)
Worldwide flu cases escalate
Sarawak man back from US tested negative for flu
Number of victims H1N1 exceeds 1,000
S. Korean nun gets virus from colleague
Mexicans reel from global backlash of flu
Patient cleared of H1N1 virus
Be hygienic to ward off flu: Goh
State Immigration Dept monitoring all arrivals
A(H1N1) virus cases in 3 more countries
Dept identifying other flu virus
Swine flu deaths at 26 with 1,085 infections: WHO
Flu-hit Mexico plans recovery, pork trade row erupts
WHO may declare level 6 alert
New flu kills 2nd person in U.S., spreads globally
Flu spat cools budding Mexico-China relationship
Texan dies of swine flu; Mexico ready for business
Eight patients cleared of H1N1 virus
H1N1: Brunei quarantines 200 tourists
Swine flu records 1,883 cases with 31deaths
Four in isolation cleared of H1N1 virus
Another Three Countries Hit By Influenza A (H1N1)
Veterinary Department Identifying Other Flu Viruses
H1N1 Suspected Case In Sarawak, Result To Be Known..

  Chinese, Mexicans return home as flu fears ease
WHO starts shipping antiflu drug to poor countries
More than 4,000 screened at KLIA
Penang Airport to have new thermal scanner
Pork in Malaysia safe to eat, says Veterinary Dept
Steps in place to deal with viral flu outbreak
20 countries have confirmed cases: WHO
Italy & Ireland confirm influenza A (H1N1) cases
No rationale to impose travel restrictions: WHO
Man rushed to A(H1N1) ward
Italy & Ireland Confirm Influenza A(H1N1) Cases
Tighter Screening For H1N1 Influenza At Dubai International
Mexico breathes easier but flu pandemic likely
WHO may not raise flu pandemic alert - U.N.'s Ban
China denies flu bigotry, Mexico announces flight
Portugal reports first confirmed case of swine flu
Spain raises to 54 number of swine flu cases
New swine flu cases in Europe, US, Latin America
WHO may raise flu alert to Level Six
Mexico says flu epidemic over the worst
Mexico optimistic about efforts to contain flu
Use drugs properly, says expert
New Zealander does not have influenza A
New US kit can test in hours instead of weeks
1.7 million pigs to be vaccinated against flu mutation
New reagent from CDC to speed up tests
Kiwi cleared of flu virus
Virologist: Use Tamiflu and vaccines wisely
Freeze on pork import
Swine flu virus spreads to three more countries
Ministry to keep an eye on prices of consumer goods
New permits to import pork no longer issued
Virologist: Use Tamiflu and vaccines wisely
Swine Flu: US expects hike in cases
What mask?
Echoes of 1918 — the Killer epidemic
A(H1NI) spreads to 3 more countries
Virologist: Use Tamiflu, vaccines wisely
Swine flu arrives in Asia
Pigs to be vaccinated soon against virus
Temporary freeze on permits for pork imports
Quicker tests for flu with new reagent
New Zealander cleared of flu
HIV Patients At Higher Risk From Flu, WHO Says
WHO Still Believes Flu Pandemic Is Imminent
Swine Flu Won't Hamper Mexican Participation At WOC
Influenza A(H1N1) Spreads To Three More Countries
New Permits To Import Pork No Longer Issued
New Zealander Tests Negative For Influenza A (H1N1)
Virologist: Use Tamiflu And Vaccines Wisely
Transit Passengers Screened Also, Says Immigration Dg
NZ Tourist Isolated For Influenza A(H1N1) Testing
Air Travellers From Hong Kong And Denmark Screened
Mexico reacts angrily to China flu measures
Flu pandemic still likely but Mexico cases easing
HIV patients at higher risk from flu, WHO says
ADB says prepared to assist Asian countries on flu
UK swine flu cases rise to 16
Mexico swine flu death toll jumps to 19
Asia reports no new swine flu cases
Developments on swine flu worldwide
Canada: 1st pigs found with new swine flu virus
Kiwi's specimen sent for influenza A tests
Mexico upbeat on battle vs Influenza A (H1N1)
New Zealander tested free of Influenza A (H1N1)
Air travellers from 3 countries to be screened
Cooperation against flu intensified: Dr Chan
Malaysians who contract virus in HK to be cared for
Local woman on plane with 'sick' Mexican quarantined
Penang is all prepared for the worst...
A (H1N1) FLU & YOU
Tests on Kiwi who fell ill
All out to ward off flu threat
Samples from NZ'er sent to medical research institute
Mexico Shuts Down But Sees Flu Outbreak Stabilising

  Hong Kong hotel quarantine move stirs controversy
Mexico cuts flu death toll, businesses shut down
S.Korea confirms first case of H1N1 flu - Yonhap
Swine flu: HK quarantines hundreds at hotel
Tourists shun Mexico, embrace Caribbean amid flu
US airlines cutting service to Mexico
WHO will take vaccine gamble with swine flu
Mexico seeks better picture of flu outbreak
Mexican flu outbreak may be mild - US CDC
HIV patients at higher risk from flu, WHO says
Lower Mexico flu death toll heartens nervous world
Don't call it swine flu
Influenza A: Strict Immigration checks at land entry points
Influenza A: 'Jabs won't give protection'
Influenza A: Drop in new cases in Mexico
Influenza A: Virus spreads to two more countries
Signs of the times
South Korea 2nd nation in Asia to be hit by flu
Swine flu tag now called A (H1N1)
Happy to be screened for H1N1 fever
No need to panic, Malaysians told
Follow rules or lose licences, pig farms told
No truth to Penang quarantine talk
Call It Influenza A (H1N1), Not Swine Flu - Liow
Home Ministry Acts To Tackle 'Swine Influenza'
Swine flu is now Influenza A (H1N1) (Update)
Britain confirms flu in man who had not been in Mexico
HK confirms first case of new H1N1, seals off hotel
Mexico encouraged by fall in new flu cases
Iraq to cull wild boars in Baghdad Zoo to halt flu
WHO says no emergency committee meeting scheduled
U.S. farmers fear pigs may get "swine" flu from people
Mexico begins shutting down as flu fears spread
Mexico: 300 confirmed swine flu cases, 12 dead
More schools close, swine flu cases pass 100
Swine flu may be 'drastic' in some countries - IMF
Import of live pigs, pork, pork products banned
Sabah not banning imported banned pork products
S'wak bans imports of live pigs, pork products
RM13m for flu vaccinations
Swine flu: Japanese envoy wants to stay informed
Swine flu: Malaysians living in NY worried
Swine flu: Elderly and very young at greater risk
SWINE FLU: Public cooperation is essential
Malaysia on high alert
WHO raises alert to Phase Five
Travellers screened at entry point
Expert: Outbreak could be as serious as 1918 Spanish Flu
Preparing for the worst
SWINE FLU: Key Facts & Figures
W.H.O: Pandemic ‘likely’..
India Ups Tamiflu Stock..
Sarawak Bans Imports Of Live Pigs..
Flu Jabs Can Filter, Not Protect..
IMR Is Referral Lab For Swine Flu
S'pore Raises Mexican Swine Flu Alert
China Develops Sensitive Test Kit ..
EU Health Ministers To Hold Emergency..
M'sians In UAE Urged To Take Extra..
Swine flu source spawns wild theories
Egypt starts pig slaughter..
SE Asia health ministers to meet..
Mexico flu strikes wrestlers to politicians
Activate pandemic preparedness plans..
Mexico orders economic shutdown..
Bangkok fights flu scare..
World on edge of pandemic
Asean health ministers to meet...
China develops sensitive test kit..
NZ records 13 confirmed swine flu cases
WHO raises flu threat level..
Virus may mutate to pose
200,000 personnel to get flu vaccine..
Ministry confirms patient not infected..
M'sians in NY fret over swine flu
Before there was swine flu...
Overseas missions keeping watch..
Despite concerns over swine flu..
WHO raises swine flu alert level
Pandemic could hit local economy
Mexico City shuts itself in
World runs scared
Asean gears up to address swine flu
MAS activates operating procedures..
Klang Valley pork sales down 20%
Swine flu: Don't panic, but stay alert, says Liow
Farmers want immediate approval of pig vaccinations
New swine flu infections intensify travel fears
New Zealand Records 13 Confirmed Swine Flu Cases
WHO raises flu threat level, warns pandemic imminent
Patient Confirmed Not Infected With Swine Flu
Clean hands, stop flu
WHO confirms human cases of swine flu
Swine flu alert for aviation sector
Swine flu may impact plantation firms
Swine flu continues to weigh on Asian shares
Msia still free of epidemic
World battles to curb swine flu; Msia still free of epidemic
Asean Gears Up To Address Swine Flu
MAS Activates Operating Procedures For Pandemic
FLFAM Calls For H1N1 Vaccine Be Brought In From U.S.
Swine Flu: Singaporeans Should Be Prepared
First step towards usable vaccine

  Name strikes fear among pork eaters
Pig farms in Perak get clean bill of health after inspections
WHO raises flu threat level, warns pandemic imminent
Name of deadly flu virus causes of consternation
Egypt orders cull of pig herds, U.N. says a mistake
WHO says no sign flu outbreak slowing
Mexican boy visiting Texas 1st US swine flu death
WHO says swine flu pandemic is imminent
MAS issues operating guidelines on handling outbreak
Malaysian missions to monitor situation
WHO says 114 cases of swine flu, eight deaths reported
Texas flu death first outside Mexico; new Eu cases
Swine flu could threaten millions with other diseases
Britain confirms three new swine flu cases
Egypt orders mass cull of pigs over swine flu scare
Time for 'utmost' precautions on swine flu - Obama
U.S. has first death from swine flu - govt official
Swine flu widens in Europe with first German cases
Joint exercise held to face possible flu pandemic
Ban on pig imports from affected nations
Swine flu strikes fear in Lukut residents
Nipah virus's brief but deadly reign of terror
New swine flu infections intensify travel fears
Obama seeks $1.5 bln for swine flu as cases jump
Mexico swine flu deaths as many as 159
Obama asks for $1.5 bln to help fight flu
WHO awaits U.S. confirmation on human flu..
Swine flu cases increase, hurting markets..
SWINE FLU: Steps taken to prevent outbreak
Swine flu: Asean gears up
Screening team stationed at Thai border
Swine Flu: MAS issues SOPs for outbreak
Swine Flu Watch and FAQ
Swine Flu: Overseas missions asked to monitor
Swine flu death in Mexico increases to 159
MCA squad to provide info on swine flu
Country free from swine flu: D-G
S’wak steps up surveillance at all entry points
M'sian Missions Overseas To Monitor Swine Flu..
Singapore Raises Swine Flu Alert
Swine flu confirmed in Israel and New Zealand
Thai Woman Suspected Of Contracting Swine Flu
Swine Flu: 428 screened at KLIA
Country Free From Swine Flu
No Swine Flu Cases In Malaysia Yet
Swine Flu Holds A Grip On Msians In New York
Sarawak Steps Up Surveillance At Entry Points
Thai New Committee To Prevent Swine Flu..
  WHO not recommending swine flu travel restrictions
FACTBOX - How does weather affect the spread of flu?
FACTBOX - New flu strain kills more than 140
Across Asia, mood calm but wary..
World battles to curb swine flu; Msia still free of epidemic
Association agrees that H1N1 vaccine be used on pigs
Malaysia has H1N1 vaccine for swine flu
WHO ups flu alert level, world closer to pandemic
Swine flu scare prompts pork trade bans
Thais Can Travel To Flu-affected Countries
No Swine Flu Cases In Singapore
India Issues Travel Advisory For Visit To Flu-hit Nations
Swine Flu FAQ
World battles to curb deadly Mexico flu strain
Learning from SARS, China vows swift flu reporting
Flu kills 149 in Mexico, world closer to pandemic
U.S. swine flu case numbers rise, more expected
WHO raises pandemic flu alert level to phase 4
SKorean being tested for possible swine flu
Pig farms told to check health of livestock
Postpone trips to affected nations
Govt: Avoid going to flu-hit areas
Report symptoms immediately, pig farms told
DPM: Protocols in place to prevent spread
  Take concrete steps to check swine flu
Swine flu less deadly but spreads more easily
Spain confirms 1st case in Europe
It's under control, says Mexican envoy
Swine flu: 'It is under control'
Order Out To Pig Farms Over Swine Flu Outbreak
Pork Imports Should Stop Immediately: FLFAM
Malaysia Has H1N1 Vaccine For Swine Flu
World flu epidemic fear rises, Mexicans take refuge
Spain first in Europe to report swine flu
After SARS and bird flu, Asia wary of new virus
Over 100 dead in Mexico flu outbreak, markets jittery
Avoid travel to swine-flu-hit countries: Liow
Monitoring Stepped Up At Entry Points
World flu epidemic risk grows..
World ready to withstand potential pandemic ..
Twenty swine flu cases confirmed in U.S...
World flu epidemic fear rises, ..
Freeze import of port, govt urged
Flu fears spread
Streets empty as Mexico waits for the worst
On guard against swine flu
Asia already on alert
Don't panic, says Liow as govt takes action
Asia 'better prepared' to tackle..
Immigration alert over swine flu outbreak..
Ministry activates ops room to monitor disease
Countries guard against swine flu
Health Ministry takes immediate action..
World on alert as Mexico flu epidemic..
Q+A - What is swine flu and how serious is it?
Global concerns over flu outbreak, >100 dead
World flu epidemic fear rises..
  World ready to withstand potential pandemic
Asian stock markets retreat amid swine flu fears
Suspected swine flu cases in Mexico to 1,614
Swine flu fears close some schools in US
Countries race to contain swine flu outbreak
Official: 3 more NZ students tested for swine flu
Mexico City locks itself in amid swine flu fears
Health Ministry advises against travel..
World govts race to contain swine flu outbreak
We are prepared to deal with spread of swine flu
Passengers from US to be screened
Immigration Dept waiting for word from Ministry
New Zealand pupils likely to swine flu
Operations Room Activated To Monitor Swine Flu
Immigration Alert Over Swine Flu Outbreak..
UAE Awaits W.H.O Advice On Swine Flu
Health Ministry officers to screen for swine flu ..
World on alert as Mexico flu epidemic fear grows
Mexico City residents stay home in flu fear
Mexico gov't decrees special powers in flu crisis
Mexico on edge as reports of swine flu cases climb
Mexico fights swine flu with 'pandemic potential'
Asia on alert after swine flu outbreak
Malaysia on alert after deadly flu hits Mexico
Killer flu kills 60 in Mexico
Deadly new flu strain breaks out in Mexico, U.S.
WHO ready with antivirals to combat swine flu
Mexico swine flu deaths spur global epidemic fears
WHO ready with antivirals to combat swine flu
Seven people in U.S. hit by strange new swine flu
U.S. officials track new flu strain